Ankle boots

Finding the perfect pair

Now that the air outside has become a little frosty and the leaves have begun to fall, I don’t really fancy stepping out in anything that exposes my feet to the elements. I really love the AW17 Balenciaga sock boots, so sought out to find a pair of boots in that style without the Balenciaga price tag. This is what I found:


Seriously in Love

These boots were £42 from ASOS, on sale for £31. Okay, I know it’s not the sock style, but I love the height of the boots, and just look at that heel, come on!


These little naughty boots make my legs feel sexy and are really lightweight and comfortable. The gold colour is eye-catching and gives your outfit a flash of metallic.

What to wear with these boots

You could pair these babies with pretty much anything. Skinny jeans, leggings, a mid or mini skirt, shorts and they could be semi casual kind of boots or going “out out” boots.


I went on a dinner date with a fellow mummy/girlfriend and so I coupled these boots with a black cold shoulder body and this adorable dogtooth mini skirt, because dogtooth is everything this autumn. Both pieces are from River Island. That gold is just what this very monochrome outfit needed.




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