FENTY Match Stix Trio

Quick and Easy Contouring using FENTY Beauty’s Match Stix Trio

I am a mum on the go. With school runs and a business to run I don’t often have time to put on a full face of makeup but this is where Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix Trio comes in.


Conceal, Contour, Blush and Buff

The match Stix trio comes in a three and consists of a concealer, a contour stick and a highlighter/blush stick. I ordered this trio from Harvey Nichols. You can pick and buy any colour you like separately at £21 but it works out cheaper to buy a set. Okay, £46 seems pricey, but it works out as approx £15 each and with the pigment being so creamy and strong it should last quite long.


Step one: Conceal. I like to conceal under my eyes to hide that I’ve been up twice in the night with a teething baby. Also my forehead down to my nose and under my cheekbones. The colour I’m using is Bamboo.

Step two: Contour. One line is enough, the pigment is that good. I draw a line along my cheekbones, the sides of my forehead/temples, and down the sides of my nose. By doing this I am defining my features. I’m using Mocha.

Step three: Buff. Of course you can apply the blush/highlighter at this point, but I like to know where I stand with how well the concealer and contour blends first before I finish with blush/highlighter. I use circular motions with my buffing brush. This product is like a crayon, it warms on your skin and softens so buffs and blends so easily.

Step four: Blush/Highlighter. I am using Trippin. This colour to me is more of a blush rather than highlighter, so I use this on the apples of my cheeks to get that glow.


I highly recommend buying the concealer/contour buffing brush. Firstly, it’s seriously cute and secondly it is compact and small so can fit into your clutch or small bag. One thing I love so much about this is that its magnetic!! They all clip together effortlessly including the brush, so no more getting lost in your bag or in my case, baby bag. Also comes in handy as an emergency baby toy (ha!).


Without eye makeup or brows, I can be out of the house in 5 mins using Fenty Match stix. There are so many colours to match all skin types and colours. It’s quick, its easy, perfect for a busy mum like me. I love Fenty Match Stix!


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