Lipstick Of The Week | Barry M Gloss Me Up

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Screenshot 2018-06-04 03.06.01
Barry M Gloss Me Up £4.99


The Verdict

So, in the past I have used Barry M Matte Me Up as my Lipstick Of The Week and loved it. I adore Barry M because their products are vegan, cruelty-free and affordable. This week I am using Barry M Gloss Me Up in the colour Vibe. It comes in 3 other colours called PDA, Sugar and Peekaboo. As much as I do like a matte lipstick, to create this summery sultry look, it had to be a gloss that would complete it. Barry M Gloss Me up pigment is beautiful, smells good enough to eat, has added Vitamin E and for only £4.99! This lip gloss can be used daily but also perfect for giving your lips a sexy lustrous pout for that night out. Barry M does it again!



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