Ivory’s first photoshoot

Bruce & Brown

Ivory and River are signed to Bruce & Brown modelling agency. Since being on their books, Ivory has been lucky enough to cast for Next, Burberry, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Zara.

Photography by Louise Samuelsen. Art Director James Cameron.

Ivory’s first photo shoot was for George at Asda’s 2017 Christmas campaign. It was a beautiful location shoot, set at Foster House. Every room was gorgeously decorated in Christmas decorations which felt strange as it was a warm sunny summer’s day.

Behind the scenes

It being Ivory’s first photo shoot, I didn’t know what to expect. I imagined we would be in a studio with white floors, walls and ceilings. I was pleasantly surprised that we were sent to what felt like the middle of nowhere to this quaint farm house.


We were greeted by very warm and friendly staff, everyone was so nice and Ivory warmed to the team very quickly. This shoot was held over a few days and in those days Ivory made lots of friends. She enjoyed herself so much she didn’t want to go home!!

Hair and makeup by Sheila Carton

We were very lucky that Ivory’s first shoot was at such a lovely location, it was such a wonderful experience for us both and Ivory really enjoyed herself and gained a lot of confidence.