Lipstick Of The Week | NYX Strictly Lip Vinyl


The Verdict

A while ago I used a glossy lipstick by NARS called Velvet Lip Glide £23, it was so incredibly glossy and luscious, I loved it. Well, I have just found a glossy lipstick that is almost the same but at a fraction of the price. I’m using NYX Lip Vinyl in the colour Bad Gal, it is also available in 7 other colours. The thickness and consistency of this lipstick means it rests on your lips smooth to achieve a 3 dimensional finish. I love that NYX is available in many stores. I can’t believe how amazing this lipstick is, and for only £7 what’s not to love!



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Screenshot 2018-08-13 04.34.41
NYX Strictly Vinyl lip gloss £7.00

First blog post


I am very excited about starting my own blog. Here I will share my day to day activities with the kids, my enthusiasm for makeup, my love for food and fashion and little lovely things along the way. Watch this space for new posts, I hope you like it!