Lipstick Of The Week | NYX Strictly Lip Vinyl


The Verdict

A while ago I used a glossy lipstick by NARS called Velvet Lip Glide £23, it was so incredibly glossy and luscious, I loved it. Well, I have just found a glossy lipstick that is almost the same but at a fraction of the price. I’m using NYX Lip Vinyl in the colour Bad Gal, it is also available in 7 other colours. The thickness and consistency of this lipstick means it rests on your lips smooth to achieve a 3 dimensional finish. I love that NYX is available in many stores. I can’t believe how amazing this lipstick is, and for only £7 what’s not to love!



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Screenshot 2018-08-13 04.34.41
NYX Strictly Vinyl lip gloss £7.00