Lipstick Of The Week | Barry M Gloss Me Up

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Barry M Gloss Me Up £4.99


The Verdict

So, in the past I have used Barry M Matte Me Up as my Lipstick Of The Week and loved it. I adore Barry M because their products are vegan, cruelty-free and affordable. This week I am using Barry M Gloss Me Up in the colour Vibe. It comes in 3 other colours called PDA, Sugar and Peekaboo. As much as I do like a matte lipstick, to create this summery sultry look, it had to be a gloss that would complete it. Barry M Gloss Me up pigment is beautiful, smells good enough to eat, has added Vitamin E and for only £4.99! This lip gloss can be used daily but also perfect for giving your lips a sexy lustrous pout for that night out. Barry M does it again!



Lipstick Of The Week | Barry M Matte Me Up

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Barry M Matte Me Up – 24 Carat £6.99


The Verdict

After loving the last Matte Me Up lip set I got from Barry M, I had to get another set! I chose this amazing colour called 24 Carat. This matte chrome effect gives the illusion of fuller lips. The quality of this product is very good, especially for £6.99. For £6.99 you get a full sized lip colour and lip liner. A lot of brands are now selling chrome lip toppers, this colour is so metallic you won’t need to use any chrome lip topper to get this beautiful metallic sheen. Thumbs up Barry M for another gorgeous lip set.



Lipstick Of The Week | Barry M

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The Verdict

This week I’m using Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Kit £6.99 from ASOS. I’m very excited about this lip kit by Barry M. Firstly it’s only £6.99, I mean seriously, how cheap is that?? You get a liner and a lipstick! Does the price tag mean that the quality is compromised? Absolutely not! The liner is creamy and packed with colour. The lipstick is so similar to my beloved Huda liquid lipsticks. It smells great, it glides on beautifully and most importantly it looks amazing and lasts! There are metallic kits available, but the range isn’t huge. Barry M please bring out more! I can’t get enough!