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The Verdict

This week I’m using Beauty Bakerie’s ASOS Exclusive Lip Whip in the colour ASOS Nude. This cruelty free brand is cutesie to say the least, with some product packaging resembling cute food like a tub of ice cream. This matte finish liquid lipstick is thicker than most liquid matte lipsticks I have used in the past. The thick velvet texture gives your lips a full and smooth appearance but, only if you don’t press your lips together once the lipstick has dried. If you do this, the lipstick becomes very sticky and no longer looks smooth. This is on sale for only £7.00 from £16.00, it’s such an incredible price. The only thing I would say is use with caution as it isn’t the easiest of mattes to use.



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Beauty Bakerie ASOS Exclusive Lip Whip was £16.00, Now £7.00
Beauty Bakerie ASOS Exclusive Lip Whip was £16.00, Now £7.00