Lipstick Of The Week | Crayola Beauty | Hienie Huynh


The Verdict

Crayola have gone and launched a beauty line exclusive to ASOS and it is so cute. The colours are inspired by our childhood crayon colours. This week I’m using Crayola Lip & Cheek Crayon in the colour Lilac. I was expecting this to feel hard and waxy like a real crayon however, don’t let the crayon-like packaging fool you as it is very surprisingly soft. The pigment is amazing and it has a subtle fragrance. Yes, this colour is very daring, but it is a gorgeous statement lip and can be used in other ways. I’ve lined my eyes to complete this look and I love it.



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Screenshot 2018-06-25 04.08.57
Crayola Lip & Cheek Crayon £9