Lipstick Of The Week | Barry M Gloss Me Up

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Barry M Gloss Me Up £4.99


The Verdict

So, in the past I have used Barry M Matte Me Up as my Lipstick Of The Week and loved it. I adore Barry M because their products are vegan, cruelty-free and affordable. This week I am using Barry M Gloss Me Up in the colour Vibe. It comes in 3 other colours called PDA, Sugar and Peekaboo. As much as I do like a matte lipstick, to create this summery sultry look, it had to be a gloss that would complete it. Barry M Gloss Me up pigment is beautiful, smells good enough to eat, has added Vitamin E and for only £4.99! This lip gloss can be used daily but also perfect for giving your lips a sexy lustrous pout for that night out. Barry M does it again!



Lipstick Of The Week | MAC Lipglass

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MAC Lipglass £10


The Verdict

Mac Lipglass comes in 9 gorgeous shades. I’m using Spite, a muted plum-taupe brown. This dense and high gloss lipstick is perfect for creating a summery sultry look. To create this ultra high gloss, I applied three layers and I love how shiny it looks once it settles on my lips. I am amazed that Mac Lipglass is only £10, and I am so looking forward to trying more colours of this range.


Lipstick Of The Week | FENTY Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte

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FENTY Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte £16.00

The Verdict

I’m using FENTY Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipstick in the colour Shawty. This matte lipstick is creamier than most matte lipsticks I have tried, and is gloriously pigmented. The finish is not extremely matte, but I love that it is subtle. As you can see from the video, one swipe gives you full and intense coverage. No lip liner needed! Like other Fenty products, the packaging is distinctive and gorgeous. This ultra slim lipstick is available in 14 bold and beautiful colours designed to suit all skin tones. At £16 a pop, I think it’s definitely worth the buy and will definitely be adding more colour to my collection.


Lipstick Of The Week | HAX Lip Kit

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HAX 2-Tone Rose Gold Lip Kit £14.99


The Verdict

This HAX 2-Tone Rose Gold Lip Kit is available at Included in this kit is a lip liner, a liquid lipstick, a pot of gold pigment, a brush and all for only £14.99! The colours in this kit are seriously cute and the lipstick smells amazing. It is also available in other colours. Instructions are included in this kit making it very simple to create a professional looking lip statement. With festival season coming up, this two tone lip is just what you need to make you stand out from the crowd.



Lipstick Of The Week | Revolution

Revolution Luxe Lip Kit £6.00

The Verdict

Revolution Luxe lip kit is a serious bargain. It’s a drugstore brand and it’s pretty decent. The Revolution Luxe Lip Kit includes a lip liner and a lipstick and comes in matte, metallic and glossy. The liner is quality, it’s pigmented and creamy. The matte lipstick is good, although it doesn’t have a nice fragrance like other brands it is not something I’m going to cry over because this kit costs £6. If you love collecting cute lip colours you would love this. And you wouldn’t be breaking the bank either.


Lipstick Of The Week | Ciaté Glitter Flip

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Ciaté Glitter Flip £17


The Verdict

I am a fan of Ciaté, a cruelty free and vegan friendly brand. This week I’m using Ciaté Glitter flip in the colour Whisper. It comes in many gorgeous colours, but what is really cool about this lipstick is that it becomes glittery the more you pucker your lips together! To use this, you apply one coat and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes, then the best bit, you press your lips together and watch as the glitter reveals itself! It’s magic! The more you smack your lips together, the more sparkly your lips become. It’s so fun and pretty, I love it.00



Lipstick Of The Week | Too Faced

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TOO FACED La Crème Mystical Lipstick


The Verdict

This by far has got to be the most fascinating lipstick I have tried. Too Faced La Crème Mystical Lipstick is vegan and cruelty free and the reason why it is called La Crème Mystical Lipstick is because it changes colour depending on your body temperature. Yes, I said it, it changes colour!! I’m using this in the colour Unicorn Tears. It is available in Mermaid tears, Fairy Tears and Angel tears. It is infused with white lotus flower extract and smells great. This iridescent colour on its own is very unusual and a big statement, it would also give any lipstick a beautiful iridescent sheen. Screenshot_20180318-183426_Instagram.jpg






Rome, Italy

Rome is rich with history and beauty, which is why it’s one of my favourite places in the world. I have been twice now and I would go again and again. I thought that because I had been to Rome already, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the first time. But I was able to see the details that I hadn’t see before as there is so much to take in.


I paid £30 for a return flight from Stansted, London to Campino, Italy. January, in my opinion, is a great time to see Rome because the weather is fairly mild and it’s not too overcrowded with tourists. I booked an apartment in the middle of all the attractions called Spanish Steps Gea. From there, everywhere we wanted to go was within walking distance. They say the best way to enjoy Rome is to get lost in it, for this reason we walked everywhere using Google maps to guide us.


Things to do


Walking Tour

I highly recommend booking a walking tour through Rome if it’s your first time. You can learn so much about Rome and its history just by walking through it. It’s so worth doing. Our tour guide was lovely, she gave us some very handy tips like how to pick a good restaurant and how much you should be paying for a cup of coffee. I booked our free tour through This tour is free, you can give a tip to your tour guide at the end if you wish. Admin fees may apply when booking.



If you go to Rome, you must see the Colosseum. It is pretty extraordinary and the history of how it came to be how it is today is truly fascinating. Of course you can buy just the entry tickets, tours are not compulsory, but I really recommend booking a guided tour as you can access special parts of the Colosseum that a normal day ticket can not access. For example, depending on the guide you book, you could get a tour of the underground and higher tiers of the Colosseum. The view from the upper tiers and the Belvedere is stunning, so don’t miss out!


I booked using Whether you want to book just the entry ticket or a tour, book online as you will be able to skip the queue and go straight to the window to collect your ticket. Also, you will beat the prices of the all sales people trying to hassle you to buy through them outside of the Colosseum. Be prepared to say “no thank you” to purchasing a selfie stick every 20 yards lol!


Vatican City


Vatican City is technically not part of Rome, but is worth visiting. I booked tickets to visit the Vatican museum, here you can learn even more about the history of Rome. The Sistine Chapel is part of the museum, you can not buy tickets to see just the Sistine Chapel alone. For me, seeing the Sistine Chapel was the cherry on top of the whole visit to the Vatican museum. The walls and ceiling of the Sistine chapel is covered with paintings. I sat and marvelled at Michelangelo’s art and vision for a good half an hour. I used an audio guide throughout the museum, which was nice because I was able to go at my own pace and learn about the things that I was interested in.


Trevi Fountain


They say that if you stand with your back to the Trevi fountain and throw a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder, you will return to Rome. Two coins, and you will find a new romance. Three, and you will marry. When I saw the fountain for the first time last year, my husband warned me that I was to only throw in one coin, not two or three LOL. I’m not sure if I believe in legends or myths but I threw in one coin, and I have returned to Rome. It’s all for fun and I think you should do this if you visit. We are very lucky to see the fountain as it is now because it has only been restored back to its full glory just a few years ago, costing 2.2 millions euros, sponsored by FENDI.


Places To Eat


Aroma is my favourite restaurant in the world. Sadly, I couldn’t get a reservation on this visit as they were doing renovations. The food is out of this world. Being a Michelin restaurant, it is pricey. But this is an experience in dining, you really get a sense of the chef Giuseppe Di Iorio’s creativity. The restaurant is on the rooftop and looks over the city and Colosseum, it is so beautiful and romantic in the evening. During the day, if warm enough, it is an open roof top terrace and an excellent place for breakfast and lunch.

Pietro Al Pantheon

Situated right by the Pantheon, this small restaurant offers many traditional Roman dishes that not only tastes great, but authentic. The decor is very, what I call Knick-knacky. There’s lots of bits and bobs all over the place, I found it very charming and my eyes had so much to look at.



Ambrosia is a rooftop terrace restaurant and offers fine food. Dinner was lovely, the service impeccable, I really enjoyed my experience here. They have a good cocktail menu and food and drinks are very reasonably priced.

Why visit Rome?

If you love art, history and food then you will love Rome. The fountains, the architecture, there’s so much to see and so much to learn about. Rome being the size it is makes it the perfect city break location because it’s almost impossible to get lost. Every corner you turn there are beautiful churches and fountains with water clean enough to drink from (literally).

You will never think that Italian food is just pasta a pizza ever again. Yes, of course Rome’s restaurants have plenty of pizza and pasta dishes, but there is so much more! Rome is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world, from small family run restaurants to Michelin Star restaurants. And have I mentioned how good the coffee is in Rome?


Rome is only a 2 and a half hours flight for me. I am so thankful that this little treasure is so close to home and somewhere I can fly to for the weekend. Whether you are going with friends or your partner, it is the perfect city break location and somewhere you must visit once in your life.



Lipstick Of The Week | NARS

For my Lipstick Of The Week I’m using NARS Audacious Lipstick, colour Bette. £26 from ASOS.



The Verdict

I am loving this colour!! It’s the perfect vampire shade. However I had to be generous, applying on a few layers to achieve the full potential of this lipstick. Retailing at £26, it is a little on the high end of lipstick prices. Yes, the packaging is slick, the lid is magnetic and snaps on in a very sophisticated way. But does this warrant spending £26? The sensible part of me says no, but the naughty side of me says this colour is banging. It’s a good lipstick, it is moisturising and goes on very silky giving your lips a beautiful shine. NARS claims that this lipstick gives a full coverage in a single stroke, but I disagree with this claim as I had to apply quite a few layers to get full coverage. Although I like this lipstick, I’m not in a rush to buy more shades from this range as I feel that there isn’t anything majorly special about it that makes it stand out from other lipsticks.